YoungLeaders.World is proud to work with an incredible group of people from around the world who live out the message of personal growth and collective good in their day to day lives. We select only engaging speakers who have the ability to leave an impression on their audience. If you are interested in having someone from our team speak at your school event, conference or gathering, contact us at

Carla Cuglietta

Carla Cuglietta is a Canadian born educator, consultant, humanitarian and keynote speaker. Over the last 20 years she has been involved in global projects in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, China, Laos, India, Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Carla is the Executive Director and Co-founder of YoungLeaders.World, an international non-profit organization whose aim is to help young people understand that leadership is a mindset, not a status. To date, YL.W has trained over 11,000 youth worldwide in the area of personal growth and collective good. She has spoken to thousands more through her keynote speaking tours.

Carla has been awarded the Canadian Prime Minister's Certificate of Achievement, the University of Alberta Alumni of Distinction for her work in engaging youth in Canada. In addition, she has been awarded the YWCA Woman of Distinction and the Lions Club International Humanitarian Award for her leadership and humanitarian work around the world.

Tyler Waye

Tyler is the Co-Founder of YLW, the President of IN.FORM Series and a leadership strategist. He authored the ground-breaking book “I Went to School That Long for This?!” Tyler is a leadership and strategy instructor with Executive Education at the University of Alberta, and has leadership development videos on YouTube with over a million views. He is currently the producer and host of the docu-series, Work Around the World, where he lives and works in 12 different countries to study the future of work.

Tyler is a regular contributor in media, continually featured on TV, radio and in leading publications. Tyler as a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and was named Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue magazine.

Lauren White

When Lauren was nine years old, she fell in love with filmmaking and storytelling and started to post YouTube videos online. Since then, she worked for years as Creative Director for a group of children's YouTube channels with millions of subscribers. Her early success in her career allowed her to travel the world, reaching every continent in an effort to learn as much as she can about global and social issues. At fourteen, she combined her passions of stories, film, and speaking and started a multi-platform mission to engage students in their communities and encourage them to reach outside their comfort zones, weaving in her own stories about thriving in spite of hardships with OCD and an eating disorder. Additionally, Lauren has raised thousands of dollars for education projects in Tanzania, led petitions and campaigns in support of Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta, blogged about volunteerism, played for Team Canada Junior Roller Derby, and led ongoing bake sales for school development. Now, Lauren is twenty years old and has moved to Toronto. She is one of only thirteen Undergraduate Screenwriting Students in Canada for her year, and has started her own business working in photography and videography.

Chris Koch

Chris Koch is a farmer, athlete, adventurer and international speaker. His message is to encourage and challenge others to make the most out of life. His goal is to help people see opportunities instead of obstacles by sharing his message of "If I Can". When Chris is not climbing towers or racing marathons for charity, he is traveling the world using his life to inspire others.

He speaks all over Canada and the United States as well as Australia, Cambodia, Nepal, China and Malaysia. He has been a keynote for Google, Apple, and TEDx. Chris' incredible story has also been profiled on the Oprah Winfrey Network's, Super Soul Sunday and Dr. Oz. Chris will share personal stories that will leave you motivated and inspired to take on adventures of your own.

Josh Classen

Josh is a graduate of the Broadcast Meteorology program at Mississippi State University and a NAIT grad.
In 2017, he won the NAIT’s first-ever Alumni Award of Excellence.

He’s a member of Avenue Magazine’s “Top 40 under 40” – class of 2011, and consistently wins “BEST OF” awards from the readers of Avenue Magazine & the St Albert Gazette.

When he’s not working, Josh is heavily involved in the community, volunteering his time and talents to 3 or 4 different events/organizations each week.

He also spends several hours each week grooming the forecasters of the future. Thousands of Edmonton & area children have had a chance to take part in his “Weather Watcher” program.

Shayne Cowan-Cholette

Shayne Cowan-Cholette is a proven leader: a professional educator, a Golden Key International Society member and a national award-winning athlete and stage performer. What is he most proud of? Being honored as a Valedictorian of the 2018 Bishop's University graduation and turning his idea into a reality by creating the "Purple Canada Tour"

The Purple Canada Tour is a social project that took Shayne across Canada to spread goodness and tell the stories of the nation's unsung heroes.

Shayne sees the world as a place of never-ending opportunity. He has spent the last six years of his academic and professional career finding ways to inspire others to live through curiosity, to think outside the box and to take risks. Now, Shayne is about to embark on another journey of self discovery and vulnerability, as he aspires to be a professional Canadian actor.

During the YoungLeaders.World tour, Shayne will continue on his mission to teach others, and inspire potential innovators to "Go Where The Fear Is".

Jer Swigart

Jer Swigart is a social innovator, an organizer, a professor, and the cofounder of the peacemaking training organization, The Global Immersion Project. As a modern-day peacemaker, Jer has found himself working for restoration in beautifully bizarre corners of our world. Whether in the tribes of northern Pakistan, the slums of India, the red-light districts of Southease Asia, the violence of Israel and Palestine, or the racial injustice of his own neighborhood; Jer loves people in a way that disarms violence and overcomes divides. His engagement within national and international confluts has formed him into a guide for emergin leaders as they seek to develop peace in our worl. Jer travels the glove as a consultant, trainer, and speaker, and is the co-author of Mending the Devides: Creative Love in a Conflicted World (IVP, 2017)

Stephen Robinson

For the past 3 years, from building a robot to baking a cake, to crocheting a tie, Stephen has learned over 100 unique skills and documented the process of learning those skills on his YouTube channel "52skillz" and TV show "How To Learn Anything". Throughout this experience, Stephen has become a master of learning new skills in the most effective and enjoyable way possible, and now would like to share his incie with the world. Failure, persistence, surrounding yourself with good people, understanding your "why" and the importance of goal setting are all topics Stephe touches on in his content and public appearances.