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Leadership is a mindset,
not a status.

WELCOME to YoungLeaders.World.

We are an international non-profit focused on helping youth get clear on the leadership skills needed to create a better future. We connect and teach through on-line learning, conferences, talks, and annual summits of student leaders. Together, we can then get to work on creating an inspiring way forward for you and your community.

Our mission is to create an entire generation of young people focused on personal growth and collective good.

We believe that leadership is a mindset, not a status. We want to help you THINK like a leader.

We invite you to connect with us the way that works best for you.

Virtual or In-Person Keynotes

We are offering virtual workshops and keynotes for schools in the 2020/21 school year.

Personal Leadership Courses

These courses are game-changing in helping youth get the tools they need to be successful. These courses can be done on your own, at a time that works best for you. Our courses are developed by experts to help students who experience anxiety, lack of self-esteem, feelings of being overwhelmed or lack of motivation. Find the course that is best for you.


Our high energy, high impact summits have students away understanding the power of personal leadership and collective good. It’s an incredible learning experience that has long term positive changes in the lives of students and their community. YoungLeaders.World works in Canada, China and India.

School Assemblies

Have one of our professional speakers or ambassadors come to your school or event.

International Development is proud to partner with students and women around the world to build a better life through leadership education.

Free Video Resources

Check out some of these free video resources made to help you succeed.

For Young Leaders,
By Young Leaders

We collaborate with young people around the world to help them discover life leadership. YL.W is dedicated to helping young people, ages 13-21, understand how to develop a leader mindset. How to think like a leader, make decisions like a leader and articulate your goals. We believe leadership is a mindset, not a status.


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