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Clarity & Confidence

The Ultimate Personal Leadership Course for Students!

  • Getting Clear on you
  • Calm anxious thoughts about your future
  • Learn how to identify and articulate your values
  • Set a clear direction for what you want in life
  • Strategies to make good decisions for whatever comes your way
  • Learn how to change your perspective and reframe negative thoughts
  • Positive mental health practices and professional advice
  • Resilience and courage when things don't go as you hoped
  • Vision setting and action plans
  • Establishing daily routines for success
  • Identify and maximize the strengths unique to you

Rock this course and you will get a Personal Leadership Certificate from YoungLeaders.World

6 Module Course: $97

This course is a game changer. Period

Getting Clear On You

Get Clarity on Who You Are and What You Want

  • Getting clear on you
  • Learn how to identify and articulate your values
  • Set a clear direction for your life
  • Establishing routines for success

Successful completion of this course will get a Personal Leadership: Getting Clear Certificate

3 Module Course: $47

Motivation & Action

Your Get Off the Couch and Do THIS THING Course

  • Take back control of your day
  • Decide where you want to your life to go and learn how to create action plans that work
  • Establish new and healthy routines
  • Advice and videos from Career Leadership Expert, Tyler Waye
  • Understand career scarring and how to prevent it
  • Motivation practices that work
  • Breaking out of dangerous routines

Rock this course and get a Personal Leadership Certificate from YoungLeaders.World

7 Module Course: $97

This course launches in June 2020

Free Student Success Video Series

Topics include:

  • Managing Motivation
  • Establishing A Productive Daily Routine
  • Stress Management

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