YoungLeaders.World is a non-profit that works hard to make personal leadership training and development accessible for all students, regardless of economic situation. With the help of corporate and private sponsors, we are able to keep our training to $20/per person.

If you are interested in helping the next generation of leaders define values, have clarity in life decisions and overcome barriers, we invite you to support our work.


  • Access to Leadership Education

  • Sponsors 10 students to attend the conference


  • Become a Vision2020 Edmonton Event Sponsor. Be part of bringing exciting and impactful leadership energy to the Edmonton EXPO Centre for our Leadership Summit.


Overcoming Barriers Program

  • Subsidize 125 Registrations for students who cannot afford to attend our annual leadership summit training in Edmonton for Vision 2020.

  • Provide mental health training through a mental health organization for 125 teachers and students across the Capital Region. The training can promote positive mental health, reduce stigma, provide coping strategies and clear steps for additional support to those in need in schools around the Capital Region.

  • Subsidize powerful speakers and resources to present in schools on; personal leadership, academic engagement, positive mental health, opioid crisis, career clarity, and vision setting

How will this benefit our community?

  • Students and teachers who attend mental health training will experience an improvement in their mental wellness and be equipped with the skills to recognize signs of poor mental health in themselves and in others. Providing training to some students and teachers will also have a positive ripple effect on their communities as they share what they've learned and open up the conversation about mental wellness. This will decrease the stigma surrounding mental health.

  • Students who attend VISION2020 will be inspired to overcome obstacles in their lives, get engaged in their communities, and take charge of their futures. This will lead to positive life choices and more youth engagement in community organizations and charities that will continue into adulthood.


Organizational Sustainability

  • Continue to create partnerships and grant proposals in order to grow the organization to one day have 3-4 full time staff.

  • Hire an individual with time dedicated to monitoring and evaluation to report back to sponsors on our progress, the community organizations we are helping to support with youth volunteers, and the leadership programs we are running.

  • Contract a videographer to create engaging lessons and leadership content for young people so they continue with their leadership journey throughout the year.

How will this benefit our community?

  • Receiving these funds will allow our organization to grow and increase its reach and impact to young people in the Capital Region and around the world. Employing an individual dedicated to monitoring and evaluating our work will allow us develop and maintain relationships with our funding partners. In addition, having staff that can be dedicated to creating engaging content for our leadership curriculum will allow us to provide high-quality resources to help young people along their leadership journey.

For more information on how you can be a part of the leadership movement