Tyler Sirman


Born, raised, and currently living in Edmonton, Tyler joined our team after an event he built with Carla Cuglietta, who was at the time (ten years ago), his high school teacher. That event grew into what was WE STAND,  and is now YoungLeaders.World.

Tyler believes that growth occurs through failure and learning – and that overcoming challenges in life is not only rewarding but shapes who you are. He finds that personal growth often comes from realizing there is something more in collective good than just being part of it. For Tyler, “For Growth & Good” goes further than the events, further than the experience – and is a lifestyle, which is why he has “For Growth & Good” tattooed on his arm.

Tyler’s ultimate goal as a YL.W Team Member is to help the summits run smoothly and create lasting memories of the summits.

Favourite city? 
Madurai, India

Ten Year Vision?
“I think that my photography and videography business, which I am blessed to be operating full-time as the owner of, will continue to grow. I see myself working in my own studio, making cool stuff that people want to see.”

Something silly?

“I love a clean cut lawn of grass. The smell, the look… so good!”


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