Tyler Sirman


Born, raised, and currently living in Edmonton, Tyler joined WE Stand after an event he built with Carla, his high school teacher, became what is now WE Stand and continues to grow.

Tyler believes that we are in a time where the youth of today are in control of what is happening tomorrow, so it is essential to empower them and give them the tools to succeed. He finds that personal growth often comes from realizing there is something more in collective good than just being part of it. For Tyler, only through learning about yourself and global and local issues, are you able to grow further contribute to collective good.

Tyler’s ultimate goal as a WE Stand member is to do as much as he can to benefit youth, and to do as much good as possible.

Favourite city? 
Madurai, India

Next dream stop?
Although Tyler is undecided on his next stop, he knows he wants to end up somewhere in the middle east!

Something silly?

“I love a clean cut lawn of grass. The smell, the look… so good!”


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