Serena Banman

Currently living in Edmonton, Serena first got involved with WE Stand as an employee of the United Way, one of the summits sponsors, and helped with the Community Exchange Zone. She was deeply inspired by the event, and loved that the focus was to encourage youth to find their passion and apply it to personal growth opportunities, but to also use that passion to be of service to others in need.

Serena believes that personal growth and collective good have an interchangeable cause and effect. When someone is committed to personal growth they become inclined to help others recognize their potential and to succeed. When someone contributes to collective good they experience personal growth.

For Serena, youth leadership is important because youth are the next generation of citizens that will contribute to the wellbeing of our future. Investing in youth leadership ensures that they will be will equipped with the knowledge, skills, and desire to contribute to the greater good of all. Serena’s ultimate goal as a WE Stand member is about contributing to collective good. Being involved I an event, and a movement, that inspires young people to give back is so rewarding for her.

Favourite city? 
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Next dream stop?
Countries in the Mediterranean like Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey

Something silly?

“I guess that I am somewhat OCD and I take organization pretty seriously. I arrange my kitchen cupboards in a certain way where everything has its place and I’m also pretty particular when it comes to loading the dishwasher.”


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