Amy Kennedy

Born in Edmonton, Amy understands how leadership affects one’s life on a personal and global scale as a deeply empowering force. She recalls having mentors, as she was left high school, who helped her understand this concept which steered major decisions coming out of high school. Amy is so thankful for that experience and stoked to be apart of something that could be that voice for students today.

Amy believes that one’s heart demands to be felt, to be protected and to always be moving forward and so how we function is a reflection of who we are at the core. Understanding that connection is what allows us to have the impact we want to be for others when we recognize that collective good and personal growth are directly dependant on each other.

Amy strongly values the opportunity to work within a team setting. Growing in the ability to tap into each other’s specialties and work together to create impact is something that can’t be done by one single person. She’s excited to personally grow by working within a larger team.

Favourite city? 
Mykonos, Greece

Next dream stop?

Something silly?

“I asked my siblings this question and the answers I got were, “you have a twitch”, “What’s something silly? Your aspirations”, “You make weird faces when you listen to people talk” …so there you go.”


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