Alycia Stewart

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alycia joined WE Stand as a way to involve herself further in her community. Alycia’s passion is being a leader, and involving herself with WE Stand has given her the opportunity to not only be a part of something bigger than herself, but also to expand her impact on the world. Alycia finds her opportunity to inspire others to have agency over the path they take in their lives is truly amazing.

Alycia believes that youth leadership is important, because young people today are the leaders of the future. She trusts that it is essential for young people to work to create change now, in order to promote collective good for the future. For Alycia, personal growth and collective good are closely linked. Collective good happens when individuals are willing to grow and adapt to create positive change.

As a WE Stand team member, Alycia ultimately hopes to personally engage with at least one young person and help them throughout their personal growth journey. Alycia also hopes to see how the WE Stand mission translates throughout the world and to develop both her global and personal understanding of what leadership is.

Favourite city? 
Penticton, BC

Next dream stop?

Something silly?

“I like to belt out singing when no one is home.”


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