Allison Parratt

Originally from Gander, Newfoundland, and currently living in Suzhou, China, Allison joined WE Stand because its vision is something she wishes all youth can experience. Its her desire to have youth discover what they are passionate about on a personal level and then discover that they can make positive change at both local and global levels. Allison is excited to bring this unique experience to youth around the world.

Allison believes that discovering yourself and taking what you are personally passionate about to make a difference toward people, animals and/or the environment in the local and global communities. For Allison, young people are receptive to change and have a large stake in creating a strong future. Youth leadership is both an internal and external process where the opportunity to guide or direct others on a course of action is highly possible.

Allison’s ultimate goal as a WE Stand team member is to encourage international schools to participate in the WE Stand Summit and by doing so, help our youth to grow independently as well as collaboratively to make for a better and more peaceful world.

Favourite city? 
Allison has been blessed to travel to so many amazing places, among her favourite are Istanbul, Venice, Kraków, Berlin, and Shangri-La

Next dream stop?

Something silly?

“They call me Mrs. Claus.”


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