Ali Gartner

Born, raised, and currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Ali joined WE Stand as a natural progression of what she was already involved in. Ali found that the core message of WE Stand is something that she truly believed in, and it is something she wanted to be a part of. Ali believes that despite the long held belief that working for the good of others and working for the good of yourself are conflicting ideas, the connection between personal growth and collective good demonstrates that selflessness is not synonymous with self-sacrificing. Ali finds that focusing on our own individual growth and reaching our full potential, makes us more valuable to society.

Ali finds that fostering growth on an individual level allows a person to know their strength and ultimately using those skills for collective good. For Ali, youth hold an immense amount of knowledge and power in society, yet are often overlooked. Youth leadership is important as it creates a platform to foster the potential of these young people and allows them to engage in social issues, unlocking a powerhouse for social change. Investing in youth means investing in the leaders of tomorrow.

Ali’s ultimate goal as a WE Stand member is to help foster the potential of up and coming leaders, so that one day they can make a tangible difference in the world.

Favourite city? 
Unable to play favourites, Ali counts Geneva, Nairobi, and Istanbul among the cities she has been lucky enough to visit.

Next dream stop?
A three-way tie between South Africa, Sweden, and Iceland.

Something silly?

“I take so many photos of my horse and dogs that my phone storage is full. I have no apps just so I can create more room to take more photos. I’m a self-diagnosed pet picture hoarder.”


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