Adriano Aschenbrenner

Originally from Edmonton, and currently living in the moment, Adriano joined WE Stand because he has experienced the huge impact he himself can have on his friends, family, and community as a leader and entrepreneur in his home town. Adriano sees the expansion of WE Stand in its immediate future, extending to a million youth globally in order to connect, inspire, and learn.

For Adriano, personal growth and collective good are one and the same. As we grow individually, we contribute our stronger skills and abilities to our environment and our community. Adriano finds that when we contribute to others and to our community, we are able to grow individually through that experience. Adriano identifies the importance of youth leadership lies with the changes that are based on the beliefs that youth grow up with. He finds that the beliefs, strategies, and principles that youth believe in are most impactful for extended social change.

Adriano’s ultimate goal as a YLW team member is to see the dreams of our founders fulfilled, where over a million young people are reached by WE Stand. He thinks that a cool bonus would be having someone like Oprah or Richard Branson partner with us to spread our mission even further.

Favourite city? 
Florence, Italy

Next dream stop?
Cuba. Or Japan. Though if Adriano added a third option, mixed the three in a bowl, and rigged the draw, he would go to Switzerland.

Something silly?

“I have a slipper collection… I’m quite intrigued with slippers. I bring a pair from home to other people’s houses – in case they don’t have a pair there for me to use.”


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